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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Day of Giving Thanks as We Go Into The Holiday Season

Yes, I've been busy with readings, spiritual guidance, reiki, readings, spiritual guidance, and more reiki. It's not to boast on how great I am, but it's an acknowledgement on how far I have come and how thankful I am. 

I let go of what was and a life I thought I had. I surrendered to Spirit over a period of 10 years letting the Universe guide me. I spent years learning to nurture the child within and partner with soul. I'm a masterpiece painting in progress.

Yes, I am busy today and tomorrow before taking a break for a super long weekend to be with loved ones. I am grateful and fortunate I am in a position to do so and chose to prioritize loved ones in my life.

I am grateful to all of you. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for where I am going.

These turkeys have been frequent guests this year. I have watched them grow up from hatchlings to young adults. They have served as a great reminder of where I'm going and to let go of fear. Recently, they gave me a blessing knowing it's safe to trust and tools to know difference. 

Life for me has not always been easy for me and I had my share of dark days. Some of you know my story, but many don't. That's ok. 

To those who are having a difficult time being grateful or seeing the light, please hold on and have faith.

I see your light. Believe it. May it shine brightly and shatter the looming darkness around you. May your light give you clarity. May your light give you strength.

Thank you all for your love, support, and for being a part of my spiritual journey.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I saw this as I stepped outside for a moment on Thanksgiving Day before people arrived at my home. This was one of three hearts seen that day. The other 2 were seen during the bonfire.

We are never alone. Our loved ones in spirit and our spirit team is always with us.

It's a new day, a new week. We can make today what we choose it to be. So why not choose to have a great day. 

I appreciate you.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In like the Lion and Out With the Lamb or Was it? Lesson and Messages From Spirit

March has proved to start like lion, but is it going out like the lamb? How are you fairing the latest in the energy ping pong match during the month of March?  I have been writing a lot about this topic over the past month from spiritual purging to tips to get you through to lessons learned. You can view all my writings by scrolling here.

March has sure proved to be quite the challenging month for so many and so many can not wait for it to go away. The outlook for April however, looks promising after feeling like we've been stripped to our cores.

April will be about simplification and continued intensification as we continue to strip back the layers of self.  We are being asked to rise above any given situation and shine our brilliant true selves that we are.  To do this we will need to closely examine life's complications and distractions that have shaped and defined our lives for so long and forgive what needs forgiveness. I will be talking more about forgiveness throughout the month of April so stay tuned. 

As we journey this life together, I learn as you learn. Spirit has been quite busy this week with delivering messages to me from the 11 turkey to the male cardinal encounter to the mourning dove to the deer to the redtail hawk to all sorts of coded numbers all in past couple days. All three animal species have strong connections to Native American symbolism.
Animal Speak
by Ted Andrews

When it comes to decoding messages from Spirit from the signs we receive, for everyone in every situation  it is different in the meaning. That's where interpretation of what we receive varies. You can google your symbolism or read about it in a book like "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews, but at the end of the day, the messages are personalized to that individual and we must learn to develop our own symbology.

I developed a class just in this subject matter to learn to decode the messages called "Attaining Messages from Spirit Through Nature and Numbers"  which is being held on April 20th. So what I post here are personal to my experiences and may or may not resonate with you.

Stumbled upon 11 turkey at Turkey Hill, Hingham, MA
2015 Laura Healing With Spirit
The challenges we have been experiencing are happening with all of us. None of us are immune including myself. I am in this with you.  When I feel vulnerable, I tend to look to Spirit for guidance and boy have the messages been flooding in.

The other day I was out enjoying a country drive when I stumbled upon 11 turkey. I stopped. Paused and enjoyed the moment and experience the energy of the turkey. The were mischevious, curious, comforting and playful. Ironically, I had just picked up the documentary from the library I wanted a friend to watch called "My Life As A Turkey" minutes before the sighting.

So what was the message from the turkey you say? In this case, it was a reminder from the Universe to stay in the moment, focus on the blessings, and prepare to shine my plumage when called upon to do so. So my response to the Universe is "Thank you. I am grateful".

The cardinal was amazing. I first heard his loud boisterous calls and singing in the morning while out for my morning walk, but something amazing happened later that caught my attention.  Even though I acknowledged his appearance that morning and the previous morning, I clearly was not hearing his message. I wrote about cardinals in a "Cardinal Message From Spirit" on the symbolism behind cardinals. Later that day, he appeared louder than ever and even exchanged a conversation back and forth in a small bush within 3 feet from me. The experience was quite refreshing.

The message for me is a simple reminder to listen to my gut and rise above the situation no matter how dire it appears to me as it is all a matter of perception. The cardinal is also reminding me to activate the personal power within and leave behind all fears and excuses.

The mourning dove on top of my roof making the its presence known was also reminding me to keep the peace within and don't get distracted by all the minutia. 
2 Female Deer spotted in my field.
2015 Laura Healing With Spirit
The two deer I encountered were also magnificent with a very similar message. In my case, I always see deer as a message associated with family life for me.

Here the message of the deer was a reminder from the Universe to not stress over life circumstances, but instead listen more. It is important to use the grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance of the deer to move forward in these chaotic roller coaster ride of energy shifts.  

The deer also reminded me what is important in life such as understanding of what's necessary for survival, power of gratitude and giving, ability to sacrifice for the higher good, and seeking alternative paths to my goals. Hence, through grace, gratitude, and listening, Spirit is guiding me to think outside the box to for the answers I seek.

Redtail Hawk Photographed in Dennis, MA on Cape Cod.
2015 Laura Healing With Spirit
Expansion Mode ... Getting Unstuck ... Moving Past Fear
As far as the retail hawk I saw earlier today, it served as a peaceful reminder since today was a very stressful day for me in which I began to lose faith and doubt my abilities. As I have said before, we are all in this together. I hope by sharing my struggles and how I manage to shift my energies, will hopefully help you.

Generally the hawk is symbolic as a messenger bird associated with focus, vision, and spiritual awareness.

Here the hawk sat quietly and content on the highest tree top amongst the chaotic highways. So for me the hawk reminded me to stay focused on the task at hand and avoid the distractions. By letting the hawk guide me, I can harness the hawk's energy for a clearer vision and defy any obstacles in my way including my own fears. Hence, get out of my own way and allow the spirit of the hawk guide the way.

If you follow me on Facebook, twitter, or Pinterest, you will see the discussions I have been posting all month on this topic of letting go, spiritual purging, and allowing the true self to shine. 

So the overall message I am hearing over the next few days is to buckle up you boot straps and hold on for the ride of your life.

The next several days may be paradoxical and a doozy with the climax arriving Sat April 4th for the blood full moon eclipse. Knowing this, the energies will be high and intense. However, blood full moon eclipses are also known to be a great omen for change.

Tips to get you through:
  1. Make sure you drink lots of water.
  2. Act from a place of love and compassion.
  3. Get lots of rest.
  4. Embrace these challenges.
  5. Manifest your true self.
  6. Try to enjoy the ride.
In March we saw much of the old purged such as many of our old karmic, energetic, and akashic contracts. April will prove to be a little bit of a smoother ride if you make the necessary preparations. The time to start is now. Time to reveal the new you. Let the new you shine.

Namaste. As always, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave your feedback as it helps me help you. Have a blessed day.

Laura  Healing With Spirit
Spiritual Medium, Public Speaker, and Teacher
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Monday, February 23, 2015

I love when Spirit sends us signs or messages

(c)2015 Laura Healing With Spirit;
Do you see the heart? I love when Spirit sends us signs or messages. I took this picture last week right after the last snow storm. These crows were really trying to get my attention.

So I stopped.



Wondered what they were eating as well as what they were trying to tell me.

The one to the left hopped and flew over to the branch over to the left ... then back again and finally flew off over me. The crow to the right hopped over to the branch to the left before flying away as well.... At the time I did not quite fully understand the message until last night as I casually scrolled through my photos and saw the heart in the tree limb to the left which completed the message for me ... The very limb both crows hopped and squawked over to. Sometimes we don't always see or hear the messages Spirit sends us until the time is right.

The class "Communication in Nature; Attaining Messages From Spirit Through Nature and Numbers" is a great class to learn how to interpret the signs we get. There are a couple openings left for this evening's class in Hingham, MA.

Please private message for information or visit
Have a blessed day.

Laura Healing With Spirit,
Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Teacher


Friday, February 20, 2015

Expansion Mode ... Getting Unstuck ... Moving Past Fear

Cape Cod after the 4th major historic snow storm in Massachusetts
What a week it has been. Emotions seems to have gone to extremes this week. Would you agree? There is no coincidences in life ... just synchronicities. This redtail hawk seen above was a wonderful confirmation of where we are and how to move forward.

We are all in expansion right now. However, somehow for some reason some of us are fighting it even though we are telling ourselves we are not. It's time to go deep within and release whatever is holding us back. Hopefully this tip for today will help.

  • "Let go of your fears. Fear can be a very debilitating emotion if you let it control your life. Exchange your fear for faith and courage, and pass right through it. With faith all things are possible. With courage, you act upon that faith. The only thing preventing you from achieving what you want is your fear. So just for today, stare at fear right in the face. Stand firmly on your ground. Allow your inner core gain strength and empowerment. Then with faith and courage keeping walking and allow the fear to pass behind you. Now take a deep breath and just do it! Then repeat it again tomorrow. You will be glad you did. Have a blessed day."  ~ Laura Healing With Spirit, Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Teacher

Today's message culminates all the previous messages this week especially in regards to "how" or not seeing what's blocking you form moving forward the way you would like.

Basically, the Universe is reminding you once again, like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, you've had the power all along.

Right now you are being asked to reach deep within and up your own in your inner reserve. Take a deep breathe. Quiet the mind and rise or lift above the emotional level that has been wreaking havoc in your life lately ... Although all this snow in New England has tested everyone's emotions lately.
While calming the mind, you get clarity. While here, try to separate from any turmoil that you may find disruptive ... I know the snow isn't going away. So it is a matter of shifting perspective in this case.

After you do this, take some mental notes. Observe what is happening around you. Don't partake especially if you sense any kind of opposition or hostility. Just become the observer.
This is a lesson about going within and learning to shift. You can take another approach to whatever has been resistant and still achieve your purpose. Hence the term, think outside the box. Success is closer than you think. You just need to get out of your own way and partner with your higher self and the Universe. Try it. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? Have a blessed day.

- Laura Healing With Spirit, Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Teacher

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