Why I LOVE What I Do

First Posted on Facebook 7/24/14

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#WhyILOVEwhat do ...  Meeting With An Old Friend

The other day I met up with a long time childhood friend of mine who never knew about my so called "gifts". They called me prior to leaving in a panic about not being able to find their driver's license. We thought of all the logical places it could be with no success and lots of frustration on my friend's part.

Then I received a message from who we identified as his grandmother and aunt who are in spirit "to slow down". I explained to my friend about my unique "gift" that they were not aware of and asked if they were open to me sharing knowing how deeply religious my friend is. He was in awe. Yet skeptical, but open.

I proceeded to explain that if their license can't be found to surrender to the Universe as it may be a divine intervention in this case. After a few more discussions that I will not divulge here for privacy reasons, emotions began to heighten as he was fighting logic with messages from the spirit realm.

A few minutes later, my friend called me to tell me he was "freaked out". I asked him why. He proceeded to tell me that when he got to their work looking for the license, he grew increasingly frustrated it wasn't there. He went back to his car all upset. Opened the driver's door to see the license in plain site in the middle of the drivers side floor mat.

I explained that since there is no logical explanation for this, it must have been a message from spirit and more importantly from his grandmother and aunt. Without going into personal details, the general message from spirit was "to slow down" in all areas of his life including driving.

I also said there was no coincidence that this happened the very day we were supposed to get together and reconnect after so many years gone by. I explained Spirit has been trying to communicate with him on deaf ears, and they knew I would hear them and relay the much needed healing messages.

It is moments like these that I am grateful for the gift God has bestowed upon me as a medium. To see how beneficial this message and subsequent messages to my friend ... were priceless.

I honor the gift to in service of others, and it is the most rewarding thing I have done. Thank you Great Spirit for this day. Have a blessed day.

- Laura Healing With Spirit, Spiritual Medium, Public Speaker, Teacher

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