Monday, February 23, 2015

I love when Spirit sends us signs or messages

(c)2015 Laura Healing With Spirit;
Do you see the heart? I love when Spirit sends us signs or messages. I took this picture last week right after the last snow storm. These crows were really trying to get my attention.

So I stopped.



Wondered what they were eating as well as what they were trying to tell me.

The one to the left hopped and flew over to the branch over to the left ... then back again and finally flew off over me. The crow to the right hopped over to the branch to the left before flying away as well.... At the time I did not quite fully understand the message until last night as I casually scrolled through my photos and saw the heart in the tree limb to the left which completed the message for me ... The very limb both crows hopped and squawked over to. Sometimes we don't always see or hear the messages Spirit sends us until the time is right.

The class "Communication in Nature; Attaining Messages From Spirit Through Nature and Numbers" is a great class to learn how to interpret the signs we get. There are a couple openings left for this evening's class in Hingham, MA.

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Have a blessed day.

Laura Healing With Spirit,
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