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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cosmic What? What You Need To Know Moving Into The 2017 Waves Of Energetic Change

Laura at the San Diego Zoo (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved
As we close out the year, we can sit back and reflect on all the growth and changes we have made throughout the year. As difficult as the year has been for many, we are, nonetheless, still here for a reason. If you are reading this, you were meant to.

So right now we are at the completion of 2016, and with it our last period of mercury retrograde which so many people look at and dread. Everything is a matter on how you choose to react and perceive things. I choose to work with these energies for what they are intended for such as what I call the “re” effect like reflection, redoing, readjustment, relaxation, revamping, realignment, repairing, etc. I have personally been reflecting all month on where I was, where I am, what work I still have to do, and where I am going.

All year we have been met with some very exciting times for soul and human growth, combined with what may appear as extreme smack downs. No one ever said healing was a pleasant journey, but it is a worthwhile one that can lead to all of what your soul desires.

As a matter of fact, healing can down right be painful and exhausting giving glimpses of questioning life and our faith. However, somehow, we manage to push through the barriers and search for that rainbow at the end of the storm that just wreaked havoc in our lives.  It is through our greatest adversities where we find the greatest gifts.

Just like the life of the caterpillar that transforms into the beautiful butterfly, the journey in the cocoon is quite ugly. Yet, the caterpillar still chooses to cocoon and continue onto the journey.

Can you relate to this at all so far?  If you are unsure if this makes sense, let me elaborate through my personal experience and story and hope it helps give you some clarity.

The Northern Harrier Laura captured while visiting Cape Cod
in August of 2016. (c) 2016 All Rights reserved.


When this year began, I was excited about the path I was leading, but suddenly I was met with what my human self aka ego would perceive as extreme setbacks with the surprise of not only an ending, but severing of several very close relationships, one being with my children.  This was extremely difficult for me and made me reevaluate, question, and at times beg for divine intervention to help me move past the crap that I had endured especially in regards to a previous abusive 10 year marriage that ended 10 years ago, but his abusive pursuits only stopped in the last 2 years.

It was hard, and many of my writings and public speeches discussed some these experiences not to air my stuff, but to help others who may be experiencing similar know they are not alone and what to do. As I continued to release, let go, continued my meditation and reiki practice, and work with my divine team, my faith was slowly being restored.

My experiences this past January were far from glorifying, but outright painful as I was forced to look at all the painful traumas in this life, generationally, and karmicly all at the same time. With all that I knew and all my training to date, I was not sure I would make it to be honest.

My physical body began to amplify some disturbing symptoms from:
  • Sleep issues
  • Extreme irregular menses
  • Extreme almost hemorrhagic uterine bleeding
  • Re-emergence of PTSD symptoms such as flashbacks, fear, worry, nightmares, and more.
  • Severe pelvic pain and lower back pain 
  • Ringing in my ears
  • Weight gain
  • Severe anxiety
  • Severe fatigue
  • Vocal strains
  • Bizarre instances of choking
  • Fluttering in heart area
  • Periods of inability to move
These are just some of what I experienced to name a few. All of the doctors could not explain the cause of my symptoms. However, my divine team kept reassuring me that things will begin to improve by mid-June. I work both in the spiritual realm, but also the holistic health realm with a background in western healthcare. So when I go to a western medical doctor, I already have a clue as to the cause of my symptoms, being a combination of spiritual ascension symptoms as well as adrenal stress from years of PTSD fight or flight. However, my goal is to try to get my western medical teams to prove me wrong.
(c) 2016 Laura Healing With Spirit

So needless to say, as the months went on, I stayed on the path best I could as instructed by my divine team since my western medical team could not find a cause for any of my variety of symptoms. The only treatment was a hysterectomy and medications to mask the cause or numb the cause that they did not know was the issues. All my tests to that point have been negative.

By mid-May, my lower pelvic and back pain escalated as well as my bleeding where I bled heavily for over 30 days straight so much so I hemorrhaged a few days prior to me flying out for my continued Jikiden Reiki training. I sought out medical attention and had physical exam, blood work and ultrasound. All NORMAL.

The day after, my symptoms began to improve. That date was key and my spiritual guides reminded me of the significance because I began doubting that things would improve by mid-June. How could they if I am seemingly getting worse? That date in May was the anniversary of a very traumatic event. My physical body was trying to release it. It just needed my help emotionally, mentally and spiritually to help it do so.

I knew once I went out for my training program, things might get a little worse if I was right all along that this is a spiritual cleansing and karmic healing. And it did. So much so that my teacher instructed me to see a Tibetan doctor known for treating the Dali Lama. I did as requested. For the first time in years, a doctor confirmed my suspicions, but recommended additional dietary and herbal supplement changes on top on my routines. 

So like everything else, things came in waves. With each wave, I did my best to do some introspection as to what is coming to the surface to be let go of. Some things have been easier to release than others. That is our human side, but especially the traumatized human side fearful of change despite what you already know.

My spiritual practice and personal life have been significantly improved. The quality of individuals of who I surround myself with have improved. Some of the things I have been working on for over 10-11years have finally manifested. So it appeared that I was finally at home stretch. 

Cape Cod with Laura communing in nature 2016


fast …

So just before the holiday, my small dog that I use as a therapy dog was attacked by a domestic dog. On top of this, I was hit with the massive cosmic energies that were bombarding the Earth plane since Thanksgiving which zapped me energetically as I was forced into slow motion for a few days. Again, the cosmic shifting forced me to address old stuff and strong emotions like anger that had risen for the first time in many many years. At the time I did not realize this, but later understood that if anger emerged, that was a very old emotion. This means I am closer than I realize to where I need to be.

In regards to the dog attack, the irony here is the night before we came in contact with a coyote, but no incidence. We have come in contact with a coyote by itself at least a dozen times and on 2 occasions with a pack, with no incidence in recent years. I have chosen to learn to live in harmony with these magical beings that some like to call vermin. I am not na├»ve as I take precautions when I am out especially at night. It starts with awareness and vigilance. I do not fear the coyote so it does not smell fear on me. I one time chased one with my dog in my arms just to let him know who’s the alpha dog around here.

So I was stunned that what appeared to be a nice domestic dog would just attack and rip my dog’s head open. However, then I remind myself the state of the cosmic energies and planetary alignment. So instead of getting mad or upset at that moment, I chose to reflect and even felt bad for the other dog as to what happened to it for it to feel the need to attack especially to attack a dog used as a therapy dog.

At one point, I was extremely emotional wondering if she would need surgery to repair a salivary gland as she began to make a turn for the worse the day after Christmas. That day I began a regimen of adding turmeric to her food, reiki, community prayers. Within two days, her wound is suddenly improved and no surgery required as of yet. So what is the lesson here this time? What is it that I am supposed to learn?

When I asked that question to my divine team as I was leaving the surgeons office, I heard “magic” and “miracles”. Sometimes these setbacks although can be very exhausting, labor intensive, and draining, forces you to stick to what you’ve learned and trained for all these years since you left your abuser finally in 2006. This was a validation of the power of holistic treatments and community prayer. 

Now I filled you with all of the "what went wrong" scenarios. What went right? When I spoke about my challenges publicly, I occasionally spoke about the affects of the changing energies on the human body especially with those inflicted with trauma and how to deal with it.  

The bald eagle Laura captured off of Parsons Beach in Maine
in September 2016. (c) All Rights Reserved.
During my big event in January, I had countless people come up to me to tell me how inspired they are and I deepened their understandings in their own lives. Later, when I spoke about some of my own traumas and what I did holistically and spiritually to heal,I will never forget the young man who if I were to judge looked like he walked straight out of a gang. I was scared that day to talk about a subject matter of a trauma I never talked about before, but spirit kept insisting to do. So,  I did.  This young man approached me afterwards and told me he could not thank me enough. He just went to an AA meeting a few days prior and disclosed some of the traumas he endured for the first time and by witnessing my strength, gave him courage to stay clean and gave him hope. 

I have countless emails, feedbacks, and more that I have received over the year from so many people, that it made what I was doing so worth while and reassuring that I was and am on the right path even when I doubted myself. By talking about my journey and sharing it, I was keeping it real. I was keeping it authentic.

Other amazing things happened in moments of the divine such as experiences with hawk, bald eagle, osprey, coyote, and more. The messages were profound and reassuring.

 Lessons of 2016:

So for 2016, we close out a chapter that primarily focused on the previous 10 years. This year I was taught to have a little more faith and trust since it was stripped from me, and each of these events were difficult, but also reassuring that things are happening for a higher purpose. This is what I learned:

  • To take my power back from especially abusive, narcissistic, sociopathic individuals. And I did not do it the way the human logical brain would expect you to do it either. My explanation on that will come at another time.
  • Help from the divine does happen, and many times leave you signs to let you know they are there or as confirmations you are on the right track. 
  • How well we partner with our soul. 
  • How well we surrender and trust in the divine. 
  • How well we let go of control of the things that are making us sick even if ego says not to let go, but the gut says yes. 
  • How well we choose the right people who are in vibrational alignment with us not the ones we empathize so deeply for we end up sacrificing ourself so much it is harmful to us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. 
  • How well we institute the RIGHT self-care practices that address the whole mind, body, and spirit. 
  • To invest in our well-being for no other reason so we can shine our inner light brighter. This is not for superficial means for superficial instant gratification either. 
  • How well we do not reach for a pill first or external fix for an internal problem that will only mask or create a band aid effect temporarily. Eventually, you will need to deal with your junk.
  • Learning to slow down a bit. 
  • Learning to shut off the noise and propagandas shoved in our faces daily by those living in lower vibrations refusing to change or on a path driven by ego and greed. 
  • How well we raise our vibrations in times of crisis.
  • How well we stay in vibrational alignment with our truth and purpose.
Wells, Maine where Laura liked to connect in nature and
meditate. (c) 2016 Laura Healing With Spirit

So what is in for us in 2017?

I anticipate a rocky transition for some due to the cosmic climate. The year 2017 is a one year in numerology. What does that mean? Either you have been doing your work or not, that is up to you and your higher self. Next year is the year for new beginnings with a new cosmic cycle.

So you have a choice to write not only a new chapter in your book, but write a whole new book altogether. What do you choose? Are you going to write a new book or are you going to keep relooking and staying stuck in the last book you have read how many times?

I feel 2017 will focus us on two areas … our internal environment and spiritual development and the awakening of more truths combined with many external events we need to address and not bury our heads in the sand.
One of the signs Laura ususally receives from Spirit is hearts.
Do you see the heart? This was taken in Maine
(c) 2016 All Rights Reserved
I anticipate the energies to still feel like massive waves of various energies hitting us at various rates and intensities as we enter 2017 while we continue to have our physical bodies, emotional and mental bodies, and spiritual bodies adjust. These adjustments or recalibrations from my perspective are not only the cosmic vibrations to a higher dimension that is actually altering our very DNA structure, but affects how we balance the needs of the physical self with the needs of the spiritual self.

I feel it will take a few months depending on where you are at in your spiritual development to feel less rocky waves and a period of calmness. I feel the cosmic climate may also feel a little strange as we shift in between dimensional worlds depending on what sign you are and where you are at in your spiritual development. We may feel lapses in time, accelerations or time warps. Mood shifts or erratic behaviors may amplify and seem weird or out of the blue. As always, I say with preparation and awareness, you can shift your reactions and therefore, shift your results.

However, I caution, that the more your internal world is creating more peace and balance, you will be more awake than ever and certain truths if have not already been revealed, will continue to reveal themselves. When this happens it might not look pretty. Just like Keanu Reeves waking up in the film the Matrix, certain external “events” will need your call to action. I suggest you begin aligning yourself with an agenda to be a part of whether it be the homeless, “water is life” Dapl movement, human rights, affordable health, sustainable renewable energy, GMO, or the like as I feel these are all areas under attack that are asking you to choose your battle.

The peace you are developing within is also aligning you to a greater consciousness … and unity which is where the greatest power of all lies … Universal LOVE. It is from this place, you will become the greatest instrument of change.

There is NO greater power than the Universe itself. With that power you have ying/yang or in this case the power of love/fear. The next 10 years of the evolution of consciousness and how we all align will determine the fate of all humanity. Mother Earth has been asking for us to align with her. Many have heard her call. However, many also need to heed her warnings.

We can start today. On top of what I mentioned we can choose if we buy water from a company who aids in polluting our waters. We can choose to buy foods that are not the equivalent to eating arsenic making us ill. We can choose to shop and support your local farmer and retailer. We can choose to not put our monies in big banks that fund the destruction of our very resources that keep us alive and into smaller local banks or credit unions. We can choose to invest in energies that are better for our planet. We can choose to do random acts of kindness. We can choose to live in a more eco-friendly sustainable environment. Some of these take time, but at least it is a start.
The hawk feather Laura stumbled upon while on her
meditative walk in Maine. (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Miracles do happen to those who believe. Never forget that. See the hawk feather below? This is one of many signs Spirit gives me daily to guide me or to reassure me that I am on the right path.  

It is important to keep the faith. Stay focused, and count our blessings not matter how difficult things may appear. New beginnings are just around the corner. It is time to spread your wings like the butterfly.

The Butterfly story

I heard this story about the butterfly and found it so profound, I want to share with you. I can not recall the source and will do my best to tell the story in hopes you find it equally as profound.

One day, this girl saw this caterpillar in her yard and she stopped for a moment to stare at it. She was neither disgusted nor in awe by this little creature. She was just curious as she watched it munch away on a leave of a plant in her yard. She thought she would help it by gathering more leaves to feed it. She got a little discouraged that it did not eat anything she had left for it. She was worried it was not eating enough.

On day she returned, and saw it was dangling from a branch, and did not know what to think. So for that day she left it alone. The next day she returned to check on her new caterpillar friend to see is struggling so hard inside this encasement, and it worried her so much. She ran home to tell her mother, but mom said not to bother.

The little girl was all frantic, and she was afraid for the little caterpillar and felt the need to save it somehow. So she found a knife and went back to check on her caterpillar friend once again, and it appeared to be violently struggling inside this encasement. Her pulse began to rise. Her breathing began to become rapid, and she began to panic. She thought to herself, that there must be something she can do to save the caterpillar.

So she did what she thought was the next best thing, she cut open the encasement to free her caterpillar from all the struggle. A very wet wing not fully developed fell out as well as what appeared to be a newly forming butterfly. The butterfly fell out and onto the ground. It attempted to move its very wet not fully formed wings, but could not.

The little girl wept, not knowing what to do. All she wanted was to help the little caterpillar so it did not have to be in pain or struggle so hard in that encasement. She thought what she was doing was trying to save it from its pains and struggles, but instead, the butterfly died as it was not fully developed and ready to fly.

Just like the caterpillar needed to make what may appear as a violent, painful struggle to become the caterpillar, so do our human souls.

It is time to complete the transformation and become the butterfly we were all meant to be. Are you ready?

The choice is yours to make. The Universe can keep giving you signs til you  are blue in the face, but at the end of the day, it is you that must make the first step.

If we learn to surf these crazy energetic waves of change instead of fearing what wave will hit us next, we not only raise our vibration, but create the change and bring more joy.

There's a Buddhist saying about mastering the art of calm in the middle of the storm.
Together, we can make a better world. Here is our chance. The choice is yours to make.

With Love and appreciation,
Laura  Healing With Spirit
Spiritual Medium, Public Speaker, and Teacher
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Shihankaku in Jikiden Reiki

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's All How We Perceive Our World - A Message From The Divine

The Flowers with the honey bee as I walked to my car in the morning
Copy Right 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit
There have been lots of synchronistic events and transitions over the past week with an overwhelming feeling of "Have Faith". Can you feel it?

All these shifts seemed to have started beginning with the Summer Solstice followed by many solar flares. For me personally, I have experienced an extraordinary amount of synchronistic events with the "faith" theme beginning to sound like a skipping record. Does that resonate with you?

Love this
(c) Karen Salmansohn
These shifts seemed to come in like waves of energy bursting bubbles, shifting the sands, removing what no longer is necessary, and freeing us to move into our soulful path.

So with these shifts, I decided to move outside my teaching comfort zone, which can be quite structured and regimented, and listened to Spirit in regards to the planning of my most recent Reiki Continuing Education Class.

Since we had a small group, I decided to take a chance and do the first portion of the class blending reiki continuing education with the energies from the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace that was visiting us until the following day before it was shipped to its final destination in Australia.
2015 Reiki Continuation Group at the
Jade Buddha For Universal Peace
As nervous as I was about doing this at this location, with wandering thoughts of
"What will people think",
"Will I or the class be effective there"
"Will I be able to convey the history of reiki with its roots to Buddhism"
"Will I be able to get my students to feel the kind of energies at that location with a definite purpose"
These feelings and thoughts by the way, neither of my students know until now. What I learned was to get out of my own way, and have faith in what Spirit was showing me, because this posed an opportunity for all of us to grow spiritually.
What a great decision to come here that day for 1st part of the class. Tomorrow is the last day before it heads to Australia.

What an incredible day it was with lots of reiki energy, reiki healing, reiki love, and just being reiki. I worked myself up for no reason, but quickly recognized that and "chose" to listen and follow spirit.
We brought our Tibetan bowls to be used to start off the day, and we were graced by the presence founding Buddhist Monk of this site in Abington, MA. His words of wisdom he gave us and his use of the bowls were priceless and synchronistic.

Where am I going with all this?

My own schedule lately has been quite a hectic one and I have my problems too like everyone else, but the only difference between all of us is how we perceive what is around us, what is in us, what moves through us and how we react to situations, people and things.

I wanted to share with you my morning experience with a message behind it.

Within minutes of walking to my car, I experienced some beautiful magic. Between these beautiful flowers filled with honey bees, my three turkey visitors, and my very vocal cardinal friend, who could ask for a better start to the day.

My trio of visitors as I left the house.
What a beautiful start to the day.
Thank you Great Spirit for this day.
Photo (c) 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit
Everything in our life is all how we perceive our world. We all experience challenges, but it is how we face them and view them is what makes all the difference.

(I apologize in advance for the language, but felt it was important to drive home the message) Everyone is either in a shit storm, just getting out of a shit storm, or currently in a shit storm.

I could have chose to think, feel , and say things like:
"I am broke and life sucks"
"I have no place that I can call home"
"I hate my job"
"My family doesn't appreciate me"
"I hate the way I look"
"I am not good enough"
"What's wrong with me"

However, I didn't. Do any of those things sound familiar? Are you laughing right now at how silly the things we say to ourselves? Ok are you at least smiling? Those are things, thoughts, and words I use to say to myself daily, but made a conscious decision to stop doing that.

I choose to be grateful and appreciate everything. The day we make that choice, is the day we begin to create new neuropathways in the brain. With new neuropathways, we create new habits and thoughts and life begins to change.

We can be a victim of our circumstance or we can rise above. We choose how we view the circumstances in our lives and how we react to them.

Don't be a victim of circumstance. Champion above them.

I believe in you.

I have faith in you.

It I didn't, we would not be connected - regardless of how much or how little. We are connected.

I remember when it down poured the other day, I saw many posts saying things like:
"Ugggg my weekend is ruined"
"this sucks, cuz I can't go to the beach"
However, I saw the much needed rain after the week of divine synchronicities and messages, as an opportunity. This was an opportunity to go within. This soaking rhythms of the rain provided us a gift for the opportunity to listen to the soul.

Remember, the Universe is constantly providing us with opportunities. We just need to be open to see it and take notice so we can act. The biggest challenge many times is getting in our own way and not going with the flow of the Universe, which is a theme that has been carried through since the year 2015 began. So, get out of your own way and begin living the way of your soul. What do you have to lose?

So be mindful of your thoughts. None of us are immune. Change takes time and discipline and above all faith.

You ARE capable. Have FAITH!  As the wizard would tell Dorothy:
 "You have had the power all along my dear"

#‎Thoughtfortoday‬: focus on faith not fear.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on my writing as it helps me help you.

Have an enlightening day. Namaste

A gift from spirit sent to you with light and love,

Laura  Healing With Spirit
Spiritual Medium, Public Speaker, and Teacher
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Jikiden Reiki Practitioner
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spiritual Purging? 10 Tips on What You Can Do To Ease The Transition During The Cosmic Shifts

"Clearing away the old to make room for the new"
- Laura Healing With Spirit (c) 2015
Feeling tired? Been sick? Not sure if you have a cold, the flu or just something in between? Experiencing a storm?

You are not alone. This blog is dedicated to share my personal journey through these recent cosmic shifts and what you can do. Many of us have been experiencing quite a bit of cosmic purging with ascension symptoms that are becoming physical manifestations of a cold or something flu-like. If this sounds like you, I've got it too. It feels flu like, but it is not.

But how do I know the difference between being sick and a spiritual purge? Well it could be one or the other or a manifestation of both. I personally experienced both.

First of all, if you have any physical, mental , or emotional ailments, make sure you seek proper medical attention as necessary. If everything is ruled out or something seems grander than your diagnosis, then consider your experience one of cosmic proportion.

Well let's take a quick review of recent cosmic events. For the last several months we have been reviewing, redoing, purging, and letting go of what no longer serves us so we may ring in the new us. 

If you have been watching or reading any of the astrological or cosmic reports lately, the kind of changes we are experiencing are of grand magnitudes like we have never experienced before in our lifetimes. We are all experiencing these changes including Mother Earth as I wrote about on February 25th on the Spiritual Paradoxes After A Storm.

The last few weeks may have felt like emotions to extremes as I wrote about on March 2nd with Lessons During The Bipolar Ping Pong Match of Emotions To Extremes. We have experienced a multitude of solar flares, soulful upgrades, planetary shifts, super full moons and super new moons, and the like.

Today I surrender to what is.
I let go of what was.
I have faith in God in what will be. - Laura Healing With Spirit
I like most of you have been doing my work to let go and let God ... to purge whatever resistance is holding me back from receiving all that I deserve ... to let go control and fears ... to trust more and have faith in the my divine purpose ... to believe in my divine purpose ... and then suddenly, on Friday March 20th, 2015 on Super new moon, spring/fall equinox (depending on which side of the equator you are on) and the Solar eclipse, wham I get hit with a flu-like illness. It started off Monday, March 16th with overwhelming fatigue that grew throughout the week.
I found the timing of me getting sick with the most recent new moon, solar eclipse, and Spring Equinox is quite interesting. I was aware of what this manifestation could be and resorted to my holistic methods to treat the physical ailments while doing the spiritual work to treat the mental and spiritual components.

"After a storm rises lessons of renewal"
- Laura Healing With Spirit (c) 2014
The roller coaster of symptoms I've personally experienced over the past week with onset of cold-like/flu-like symptoms on Friday were puzzling.

From fatigue and insomnia to fatigue and oversleeping to flu-like break out to quick recovery in 48hrs to relapse with increase in body aches, sinus headaches, and ear aches to understanding that this is part of what I am supposed to experience right now in order to clear the path for the new to having some deep conversations with a trusted confidant. 
I do practice what I preach, but I am still human like all of you. I am aware of the energy vibrations I that are reflected back from the Universe and the energy vibrations I send out. I am getting better every day like all of you. Whether good or bad, the chaotic energies we have been experiencing have exaggerated some things in our life to bring attention to unfinished business, and in some cases exaggerated things to a point of non-reality.  I wrote about how to safeguard yourself from these kind of issues on March 19th with  10 Tips To Get You Through The March 20th Equinox, Super New Moon, and Solar Eclipse
Like many of you, I told myself "But I did a lot of purging and acceptance and letting go, there is not anything left?" Can you relate at all? If that were true, then my recent illness would not have resulted. Sometimes the biggest lies we tell are to ourselves. No one is immune to this.
"Dear Universe, Please help me to find and implement
solutions to life's difficulties. Thank you"
- Laura Healing With Spirit (c) 2013-2015
It is important to remember as we journey to the next phase of our life, remember what shifts we are wanting to create. This is a journey to be taken inward right now. All the answers we seek lie within. However, some external guidance from someone who has your highest and best interest at hand can assist you with identifying those shifts as it was deeply helpful for me.
We are being given an opportunity to change our life and fully align with the Universe as long as we let go of all of the things holding us back.  The biggest challenge for many of us is about learning to let go and let God knowing we are in good hands. Hence, get out of our own way. A lesson I know ohhhhh too well, and clearly the Universe is reminding me to get out of my own way.
I write a lot about messages from the divine and one especially comes to mind Expansion Mode ... Getting Unstuck ... Moving Past Fear that I wrote about my connection to the divine and messages I received that day from a hawk. There is no coincidences in life ... just synchronicities. This redtail hawk seen that day was a wonderful confirmation of where we are and how to move forward.

Basically, the Universe is reminding all of us once again, like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, we've had the power all along.
Breathe in... Breathe out - Laura Healing With Spirit
Right now you are being asked to reach deep within and up your own in your inner reserve. Take a deep breathe. Quiet the mind and rise or lift above the emotional level that has been wreaking havoc in your life lately.
While calming the mind, you get clarity. While here, try to separate from any turmoil that you may find disruptive. So it is a matter of shifting perspective in this case.

After you do this, take some mental notes. Observe what is happening around you. Don't partake especially if you sense any kind of opposition or hostility. Just become the observer.
This is a lesson about going within and learning to shift. You can take another approach to whatever has been resistant and still achieve your purpose. Hence the term, think outside the box. Success is closer than you think.

2015; The Year For Manifesting and Empowerment.
(c) 2015 Healing With Spirit
You just need to get out of your own way and partner with your higher self and the Universe. Try it. What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

Remember, 2015; The Year For Manifesting and Empowerment.  This is the year for mastering inner strength, leaving fear behind us and manifesting miracles for success. The Universe has been assisting us by clearing a path for us. However, are we too busy being busy to see ... to hear ... to feel?

So here are the tips to take with you today:
  1. We are being called upon to first listen. We say our prayers and ask all the time, but few actually take the time out to listen for the responses.
  2. Get plenty of restful sleep. Our bodies do most of its repair while asleep.
  3. Tune out and turn off electronic devises as all they create more static energy vibrations.
  4. Drink plenty of water. This will keep your body well hydrated as well as assist the body in removing toxins.
  5. Eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods.
  6. Be mindful of your energy ... actions and reactions. Spring cleaning maybe called to order.
  7. Practice the art of forgiveness and start with the self. It is hard to forgive others if we first do not forgive ourselves. This is a topic that I am feeling to be writing more about for the month of April. So stay tuned. 
  8. Allow yourself to grieve over anything that is still unresolved. It is time to give yourself permission and stop resisting. Resisting or ignoring will just breed illness and dis-ease.
  9. Get outside and into nature. This has a multitude of benefits including:
    1. Nature helps us to reconnect with the self;
    2. It grounds us
    3. It has healing properties and much more.
  10. Finally, let go and trust that the Universe has your back. This is a huge test of faith.
With Faith ... anything is possible. - Laura Healing With Spirit

As always, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave your feedback as it helps me help you. Have a blessed day.

Laura  Healing With Spirit
Spiritual Medium, Public Speaker, and Teacher
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Tips To Get You Through The March 20th Equinox, Super New Moon, and Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow represents a big cosmic event and the shift we been waiting for.
Solar eclipse + Super New Moon + Spring Equinox = One Powerful Day

So as we continue through the day, remember "Every vibration you send out is mirrored back to you by the Universe" 
(c) 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit
"Every vibration you send out is mirrored back to you by the Universe." - Laura Healing With Spirit. 
Have you been feeling all the effects astrological weather and cosmic storms? How about what many of us are labeling the "ascension flu"? What about any energetic pulls? Do things seem to be spiraling out of control or do they seem to be balancing themselves out? Are your fears, insecurities, anxieties or the like heightened and not sure why? How is your sleep?

Many of us sensitive folk have been experiencing everything from headaches, sore throats, buzzing in the ears, body aches especially in the back area, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue etc. This is not to mention the increase in anxiety, insecurities, fears, old traumas, old PTSD symptoms that you may thought have gone away.  If you can relate to any of these, you are not alone. Like what I wrote in my March post, much of the energies lately are about "Lessons During The Bipolar Ping Pong Match of Emotions to Paradoxical Extremes.

It may feel like a little of Pandora's Box has been opened... the feeling of everything caving in around you or everything finally blossoming ... the yin and yang ... the feeling of everything ending or everything beginning ... feeling of endless possibilities or endless perils ... rebirth, renewal and regeneration or death, endings and regeneration ... energy surges or energy purges.

So be extra mindful of the energetic ripples you are sending out to the Universe and the ripples that are being reflected back at you. Whether good or bad, the chaotic energies right now could be exaggerating some things in your life to bring attention to unfinished business. 

It is important to remember as we journey to the next phase of our life, remember what shifts you are wanting to create. This is a journey is to be taken inward right now. All the answers you seek lie within.

Things to keep in mind while you experience these shifts
  1. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and flushed.
  2. Be mindful of your energy ... actions and reactions
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep does a body good.
  4. Stay balanced and grounded. This means you may need to step up your spiritual protections and practices such as prayer and meditation.
  5. Journal your experiences. I am a big fan of journaling your experiences as it helps you to see what you may not have before.
  6. Watch the ego as the ego will want to pull you back into the place you want to leave behind you and will prey upon your fears and anxieties.
  7. Practice the art of forgiveness and start with the self. It is hard to forgive others if we first do not forgive ourselves. 
  8. Allow yourself to grieve over anything that is still unresolved. It is time to give yourself permission and stop resisting.
  9. Learn to laugh and dance more. This raises the vibration and creates more positive changes not to mention the physiological energetic and chemical shifts within the body.
  10. Finally, let go and trust that the Universe has your back. This is a huge test of faith.
The journey we are now faced with has a lot to do with faith. You are asked to trust and take a step into the unknown ... to walk off that cliff not knowing if you will fall or walking on the next step. ... to leap off that branch not knowing what to do or trusting you have the instincts to know how to fly. However, you are also being reminded to be careful of the choices you do make.  Above all, remember ... it is always darkest before dawn. The light always returns.

So for today, the Universe is beckoning you to do some introspection and to go deep within the shadows of the self to find the answers you seek. This is a message I have been stating all week with daily #CardOfTheDay draws which can be found on Pinterest or on my Facebook Page . Also, be kind and gentle to yourself. This is necessary if you wish to yield the results you seek.

I think Yoga says it well ...

We are being given an opportunity to change our life and fully align with the Universe as long as we let go of all of the things holding us back.  Biggest challenge for many of us is about learning to let go and let God knowing we are in good hands. Hence, get out of our own way. 

You have a choice here. We are all given free will. The Universe has been pounding on us to get us to see, but at the end of the day, we choose our fate.  What do you choose?

To learn more about the cosmic energy shifts, here is a good basic article on  "The Energetic Properties of the Celestial Alignment on March 20th"

We are experiencing the ride of our lives. Let's rock this world and enjoy it.

As always, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave your feedback as it helps me help you.  Have a blessed day.

Laura  Healing With Spirit
Spiritual Medium, Public Speaker, and Teacher

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Whether Things Are Good or Bad ... Go Up

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When in doubt ... go up ...

When nothing seems to be going your way ... go up ...

When emotions are fluctuating like a ping pong match ... go up ...

You're not alone in this journey ... so go up anyway ...

When you are at peace and filled with love and gratitude ... go up...

When you finally get that breakthrough you have been aching for ... go up

Whether things have been difficult for you or great for you, go up and welcome the divine into your heart ... your Angels, Spirit, God, Ascended Masters, the Universe ...

Ask for their help and guidance and turn over your worries to them ... be grateful and thank them for their assistance and especially for when things are going right.

This photo was taken Wednesday morning just after sunrise after our 5th major snow in 6 wks. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the snow on the tree limbs beautiful, birds chirping. Spring is closer than you think.

Have a blessed day.
~ Laura Healing With Spirit,
  Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Teacher

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Appreciate You

(c) 2015 Laura Healing With Spirit

It has been a rough few weeks for so many people especially for those bombarded with the recent snow storms, roof collapses, etc in New England. This is a picture I took a couple days ago after the 5th major snow storm in New England in the last month. I was in awe of the beauty of the sun setting against the cool snow. For myself, I am trying to appreciate the small things and count my blessings through all this chaos.

So today I wanted to let you know I appreciate you and I am grateful for you. You are special!

 Have a blessed day.

- Laura Healing With Spirit,
Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Teacher.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015; The Year For Manifesting and Empowerment

(c) 2012-2014 Healing With Spirit - Photo: Taken at Parson's Beach, Maine
"2015 - The year for mastering inner strength, leaving fear behind you, and manifesting miracles for success." - Laura Healing With Spirit, Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Teacher

Welcome 2015. It's a new day. It's a new year. Let bygones be bygones. The sun is shining. We all woke up alive and breathing.

2014 was quite the year for change to say the least. We experienced huge emotional storms. H...owever, these storms set the stage of a solid foundation for great things to manifest and come.

Faith was certainly pushed to it's limits this past year. However, at the end of the day, all we have is faith. With faith, all things are possible.

The personal storms are clearing. It is time to leave the past behind you and close that chapter to begin the next. The sun is returning. This is a perfect time to plant those heirloom seeds you have been wanting to plant. It is time to begin anew.

Have a little bit more faith and move forward without fear. Let's go to work and make this year great. Happy New Year.

~ Laura Healing With Spirit, Spiritual Medium, Public Speaker, & Teacher

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(C)2015 Laura Healing With Spirit. All Rights reserved. Photo taken at Parson's Beach, Maine on September 2012.