Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Learning to Ride the Storm

(c)2014 Laura Healing With Spirit
After every great storm, the Sun returns to shine. After every great storm comes the rainbow. After every big storm and rough surf comes fertile soil. With every big storm comes nature's pruning of unnecessary branches and debris.

 After every big storm comes green grasses. After every big storm comes beautiful big flowers. After every big storm comes the birds, the animals, and the emergence of life awakens.
The cycles in our life are no different than the cycles of nature. When we experience stormy weather things seemed unclear, cloudy, and at times destructive. It is during those times, we sometimes are unable to see the Sun behind the clouds or the rainbow in the sky or the new sprouts of plants preparing to emerge from the soil.
And as human beings we experience similar stormy weather such as rip tides, floods, hurricanes and devastation. However, it is during those times just like in nature, that we are clearing out the old, the sick, and the energies that is clogging up our abilities for the new to emerge into our life.

During this mercury retrograde, learn to enjoy the storm. Sit back and enjoy the ride. For once, it is time to get out of your own way and let the Universe lead the way to your higher calling.