Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spiritual Paradoxes After A Storm

Sunrise in Quincy, Ma February, 25, 2015 (c) Laura Healing With Spirit All rights reserved. 

"Never forget the beauty that rises after every storm." The sun returns and this morning's sunrise in #Quincyma after last night's snowfall is absolutely magnificent. 

More snow? Well there sure has been some paradoxical extremes lately ... And ... if you live in New England,  you know what I mean with the constant bombardment of snow storms and blizzards right after another over the past six weeks with the fallout of lots of anger, frustration, and stress. 

We came into the new year knowing it would begin with some challenges before it balances out. However, what we've experienced was above our expectations to say least so far, but with many valuable lessons if you pay attention. 

We've seen an uprising of peace, beauty, and positive change mixed with sudden bursts of fury. This sunrise is a reminder to shift your focus and count your blessings.  Spring is around the corner literally and metaphorically. How we nourish those seeds we planted will determine the outcome.  

So just for today, focus on all the positives in your life,  and watch your life transform.  You have a blank page and new chapter. What will you write?  The Universe has spoken like the Great Oz himself.  Now the choice is yours on what to do.  Have a blessed day.  

Laura  Healing With Spirit, 
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